Do you need to deliver cargo from Europe?

Just contact us and we will help you! Our company arranges the export and shipments of goods from Europe to Uzbekistan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. We carry out transit of goods from the UK, the USA, Canada, Turkey, China through Europe, and delivery of cargoes of any ranges by any mode of transport. Moreover, we can process multimodal transportation both inside and outside Europe.

What do we offer besides transport services?

It is often necessary to collect several cargoes from different suppliers and take care of the consolidation and storage of goods in warehouses in Europe. Do not worry! We will take over this time-consuming process. Material handling in warehouse, repackaging and rigidity increasing of packaging, marking of goods according to customer instructions, a European certificate of origin in Czech Republic for goods produced inside and outside (transit goods) of Europe. All of these services are available for you and they can help to make your work much easier and faster.

Moreover, we will assist our clients with processes of customs declaration, registration of export customs declaration EX-1 and export invoice on the terms agreed with them. Do you need services of temporary importation, certification and customs clearance services? Contact us!

Import of goods, certification, customs clearance, processing of the temporary importation regime and release for free circulation in Uzbekistan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Our company has extensive experience in logistics services.

Are you interested in purchasing of goods and services in Europe?

Do you own a boutique, showroom, chain of stores or malls? Would you like to work with European goods? We will find manufacturers of goods and service providers in Europe for cooperation with clients in Uzbekistan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. MICOR will take over the negotiation processes and agreements regarding conditions and schemes of work, discuss and sign contracts with European companies to your advantage under the support of our lawyers and tax consultants.

Do you want to have deals with minimal expenses and risks?

Contact us and we will process the purchasing of goods in Europe with a zero VAT rate  and arrange deals on Free Zones in Europe in accordance with the terms agreed with you under the control of our lawyers and accountants. If necessary, our companies in Czech Republic, Estonia, the UAE will participate as contracting suppliers for import contracts with companies in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

Are you searching for customers in Uzbek, Kazakh, or Kyrgyz markets?

It is very important for business development to find appropriate partner in the region, who will not only represent your products in the local market, but also play an active role in promotion and advertising. On behalf of our European partners, acting as Agents / Representatives, we promote their products and services in the markets of Uzbekistan, UAE, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, look for customers, provide participation in projects with an assistance of the teams of our representative offices and our partners in the above mentioned countries.

Make your business fast and profitable!