Do you want to equip your home, office, business or public building with a modern ventilation and air conditioning system?

Contact us and we will help you to figure it out! Our experts will analyze and design the optimal solution for engineering networks, based on your wishes and requirements. We will provide you with complete list of necessary equipment and accessories, will arrange delivery to Uzbekistan, UAE, Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan, and installation of the systems.

You already have an HVAC project in Uzbekistan, UAE, Kazakhstan or Kyryzstan , but you are not sure which manufacturer you would like to choose?

Send us a project and we will find the best solution for you. We are the official dealer of some of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, climate control and refrigeration systems, supplying their modern and advanced technologies. That is why our specialists are always aware of all new products on the world market and can advise you on all issues.

Our partners:

York and Hitachi from Johnson Controls Group are manufacturers with a strong goodwill built by production of high quality and energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning smart systems.

OJ Electronics is a leading European manufacturer of thermostats and heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems.

Fenix Group is a manufacturer of heat-radiating panels and heating elements and devices for indoor and outdoor use, floor heating, roof de-icing and snow melting devices.

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